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About Us

Rumba Kitchen was born from the minds of Chef Omayra and George Dakis. They began with a humble food truck that struggled for its first year trying to educate the Los Angeles foodie crowd about our cuisine as well as trying to find the Puerto Rican audience. They went viral 3 years ago and Puerto Ricans as well as people from other cultures flocked to find them! They have been able to get featured by quite a few different media channels as well as were able to compete on Guy's Grocery Games on The Food Network and WON! :)




has been nestled in the San Francisco area ever since 2000. This cozy establishment highlights our passion for market-fresh ingredients, honest cooking, and an enjoyable atmosphere. Our menu features a selection of dishes, all made in-house by our team of talented chefs.

With some of the most delicious combinations of ingredients, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Loved by locals and traveling foodies alike, now is the perfect time for you to join us today at Rumba Kitchen.

Taking Orders
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